Commercial Gardens are designed to reflect the fundamentals of a company and inspire productivity. Adding the appropriate Landscape Curbing on walkways, driveways, parking lots and flower/plant beds will definitely improve the monetary and aesthetic value of the property, thus providing a positive impression towards the company.






Golf Course

Ponds or Pools

Path Markers

Parking Lots

Commercial Landscape Curbing is Ideal For:

  • Car Parks
  • Wheel Stops
  • Play Grounds
  • Public Parks
  • Golf Course
  • Corporate Driveways
  • Corporate Walkways
  • Corporate Garden

& More…

Benefits of Commercial Landscape Curbing

Commercial Landscape Curbing is a cost-effective way in adding monetary and aesthetic value to commercial or corporate properties. It can also keep weeds out of corporate lawns or parks. Curbings can make commercial properties look better while making it easier to do maintenance, thus saving you money on maintenance cost.

You can also use it as a highlight border to make your parking lots, walkways, garden, golf course look more sophisticated.


There are typically 3 types of do-it-yourself borders that may be purchased at a hardware store which are either made of wood, plastic, or individual concrete pieces. These do not make for an aesthetically appealing landscape design, nor are they as elegant as landscape edging.

Unfortunately, the wood will eventually rot and splinter. The plastic will either dry rot or break. The individual concrete pieces will either be pushed down, moved over, or broken. And since they are not connected, weeds will grow up between them, creating additional work for you.

We provide a fiber reinforced concrete landscape edging that is poured on site. It is continuous and without gaps, thus not allowing for weeds to grow through. Our Landscape Edging comes in a variety of styles and colors that can either be a plain gray concrete edging or a decorative curb. This maintenance free landscape edging will create a smooth and flowing landscape design that allows you to enjoy your garden more while spending more time on other projects.

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